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Rendezview NOLA works with various organizations to effectively tell your own little story in your own big way. Our partners are committed to making your big day even more special through visionary artistry and outstanding customer service. Their ideas, high quality work, and affordable rates contribute to an unbelievable experience unlike any other.

As one of the most versatile DJ's in the New Orleans area, DJ Cloud sets the mood effortlessly with his unique sound and electrifying transitions. He is a student of all music genres, which allows him to cater to the likes of all party-goers. From the first dance to the final call, DJ Cloud packs the dance floor with his flexible sets and reactive methodology.


Do you ever feel awkward posing in a crowded studio with more equipment than an operating room? Yeah, me too.

Most of Brittney Lynn's clients feel the same way; as a result, Brittney specializes in photography in various locations where clients can relax and just be themselves. Celebrate and laugh as she creates the most timeless portraits you can imagine—all while having fun!

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